Thursday, September 7, 2017

Renaissance 2017-18

Creative corner:-Students of grade 8 had set up a ceative corner for all kids ,which involved tatoo making,independence day take away and a hand print greeting card with a lovely message .
1) Unity in diversity: Parents and students were given 3 chances to pick out chits from the box; they had to read and identify the states and then have to put bindi on the political map.
The maximum correct answers were awarded with a take away. (Map of India logo.)
2) Match the slogans :
The team was given one minute to match the slogans of great leaders with the correct leader. The team finding out maximum slogans was awarded with Map of India as their take away.
1) Pass the hoolaloop : It is a group activity, where the parents and students formed a circle and they had to pass the hoolaloop to the next person in the group without touching it with hands and by bending their body only. Simultaneously they spoke the alphabets in the reverse order.They enjoyed the game.2) Identify the tune : Tunes of patriotic songs were played for parents and kids. The participants had to guess the lyrics of that particular tune. Parents commented that the idea of this game was creative and different and they liked it. .3):Pin the ashoka chakra: In this game , 2 participants had to participate, where national flag without Ashoka chakra was to be drawn in the proper place blindedfoldly under the guidance of their partner. It was a wonderful game . Parents and kids enjoyed it thoroughly.
Game:-" National Word search."The Independence Day word search puzzles featured hidden Independence Day words to find and know more about your Nation.The kids and parents enjoyed the game.
Game -"Maze of Trust". The game had two players as a team, one is blindfolded the other guides the partner through the maze, stepping only in the chosen colour circles. Both children and adults participated with enthusiasm and showed trust in their partners.
Accept the challenge: Player had to fill the water in the bottle with his/her palms (time limit 1 min) ,the The player who filled the maximum water within 1 min wasthe winner and was awarded with flag tatoo. 
2) Try your luck- The participant had to collect the tri-colour confetti with the straw and had to put it inside the cup, The player who collects the maximum tricolour confetti is the winner.Time limit of one minute was given to the participant. The winner was awarded with flag tatoo.
Game - "Step ahead with honesty". The game was played with 2 players at a time and each one had to pull a card. They were given 4 chances each. With every honest card, they had to take a step forward and with every dishonest card, they had to take a step back. The player ahead in the race wins the game. Both children and adults enjoyed the game equally. Children even learnt that paying tax, following rules, etc all come under acts of honesty. adults showed equal enthusiasm and were happy to play with their children as well as their partners.
Umbrella painingCompetition:The theme for the "Umbrella Painting" was "Leaders for Tommorow". Fathers along with the kids participated in it.Both Fathers as well as the kids made beautiful umbrellas with vibrant colour combinations and wrote exciting messages on it.All the participants were given partcipation certificate.Mr.Gunjan Modgi,Mr.Prakash Kodira,Mr Anand Bhosale,Mr.Sudhi Parambikattil,Mr.Chetan Chafekar and Mr Santosh Gopalakrishnan were the winners.
LET'S BE CREATIVE : Essay writing competition was held for the parents. All the participants were given participation certificate. The winners were : Mr. Kumar Prabhakar Jha , Mrs. Vinita Shanbhag, Mrs. Afira Kagzi and Mrs. Komal Pahalwani.
Rustomjee took up the initiative to make seed bombs.Students were asked to bring different types of fruit seeds. On 15th August ,students and parents made seed bombs using mud,water and seed These seed bombs will be planted in a suitable location.

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