Sunday, September 24, 2017

Grade 2 – Show and tell on Housing and Clothing Conducted on 21st September’2017

Kids actively participated in the activity.  They understood the concept that different types of clothes are worn in different seasons.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Felicitation for GK quiz

Children from grade 1 - 7 were felicitated for GK Quiz on 19 Sep 17

CS Competation

 Vivaan Chheda

 Vihan Gadkari

Anniruddha Santosh.

Tvisha Bakshi

 Ayushi Agarwal, Angad Kapoor

 Arav Modgi , Nihita Nair.

Juzar Hussain

Angel Singh

Riya Panjwani

Grade 3
Rucha Rane & Mukta Gautam
Grade 4
 Abhimanyu Santosh & Shreyan Parab
Grade 5
Anvay Sawant & Nish Chafekar
Grade 6,7
Ojas Parab &Aryaswa Bhonsale

Grade 2 -Show and Tell Housing and Clothing 16 Sep 17

Kids brought pictures related to the houses in different regions and clothes worn in different seasons and spoke few sentences on the same. They were very confident while they were sharing the information collected by them.


Kids brought the pictures of animal homes and spoke few lines on it.They shared very good information on the topic.

Grade 2 -SOUND (PAN FLUTE) -13 Sep 17

Straws were cut in different shapes in order to produce sound. A flute was made using straws to explain the concept of sound to the kids.


Grade 4-Math - probability - 12 Sept 2017

Students were made to understand the ratio and probability counting the number of ice cream sticks.

Grade 3-Straw roller Coaster (DNT)-13 Sep 17

Grade 7 - Manual fan (DNT) - 29 Aug 2017

Students were divided into two groups and the assembled Manual Fan. It helped enhance their observational and technical skills.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Grade 6 -Chemistry - Reversible change – 28 Aug 2017

Students learnt that sublimation of ammonium chloride is a reversible change. Students also saw the condensation of water vapour by heating water in a pan and covering it with a lid is also a reversible change.


Jr Kg-Field trip-3 Aug 17

Children were taken to Police Station. They were shown the police station, police man and also different pistols and guns. They enjoyed to explore the place.

Grade 6 chemistry - Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions -1 Sep 2017

Students learnt Exothermic and Endothermic reactions by mixing water with sodium hydroxide pellets and ammonium chloride respectively in different test tubes and checking if the test tubes were hot or cold to touch.

GRADE 2 DNT (Building blocks) 23/08/2017

Kids were given plastic blocks, paper cups and ice cream sticks. They were supposed to arrange it one above the other maintaining the balance. The activity was conducted in groups due to which kids understood the concept of teamwork and it also helped in developing their concentration.

Grade 3 DNT - magic magnet - 23 Aug 2017

Students were divided into groups and they made the base for the activity by connecting wooden sticks in the shape of pyramid. A circular magnet was released from the top centre of the pyramid using a string and the bar magnets were kept on the three sides. Students saw how the circular magnet was constantly moving due to the magnetic field created by the magnets. they also learnt about attraction and repulsion of the magnets.

Grade 7 DNT Robotics - DIY models - 22 Aug 17

Students were divided into two groups and were asked to make battery operated models of their choice. One team made a dragster and the other made a war car


Grade 6 - physical and reversible change - 18’Th August

Students mixed sulphur powder and iron filings and then separated it with a magnet.  They also added salt to the water and then heated the solution and got the salt back. They learnt physical and reversible changes. 

Grade 6 -Chemistry - Physical and chemical change - 14 Aug 2017

Students learnt that cutting of an apple is a physical but irreversible change and oxidation of the layer of the apple exposed to air after cutting is a chemical change which is irreversible.

Grade 1 -Parts of the body-11 Aug 17

Kids brought their full length photograph and pasted it on the paper given to them by the teacher and they were asked to mark their body parts. Kids were very excited while doing this activity.

Grade 6 chemistry - 4 Aug 2017

Students observed that the wax on the iron rod starts melting once iron rod is heated. They learnt that metals are good conductors of heat.

Grade 3 DNT - Ear Trick – 2 Aug 2017

Students were divided into groups and were given 2 tubes and funnels and a pipe. They passed the tubes in a criss cross manner and enjoyed the ear trick by speaking in one pipe and hearing it from the other. Students learnt that sound travels through a medium.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Grade 2-Activity on Sea Creatures - 16 September'17.

The kids were asked to bring pictures of sea creatures. Each child was called to stick their respective picture on the chart paper and also tell something about that creature. As the kids had been to the aquarium on14 September they were very enthusiastic about this activity