Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Grade 8 - Life Skills 23rd June’17

Students learned to fix a loose handle of a utensil and chair.

Grade 3 Value Education: Activity Postcard making 23rd June’17

Kids of Grade 3 did an activity with the help of the teacher of making a postcard on the topic of saving trees. Kids enjoyed the activity.

Grade 3 Life Skills: How to clean leafy vegetables 23rd June’17

Teacher taught the kids how to clean leafy vegetables. Kids enjoyed the activity.

Grade 2 B - Life skills 23rd June’17

On 23 June an activity on Nails Cleanliness was been conducted for Grade 2B. Some of the easy home remedies were discussed. It was the first time children handled nail cutter themselves and they were excited about it.


Sr kg - Group Activity : Dragon 23rd June’16

Kids and teacher did a group activity of making a Chinese dragon with the help of paper plates. Kids enjoyed painting the paper plates and arranging it in the shape of the dragon. kids enjoyed the activity.

Jr. Kg - Rainy Day Group Activity 23rd June’16

Teacher made charts of Rainy Day and made children to make clouds of cotton, and rain drops and grass with the help of paint colors and hand prints. They also learnt about rainy day accessories and colored gumboots, raincoat cap and umbrellas. Children had fun doing coloring and sticking.