Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Grade 1-7 1st 2nd 3rd
Grade1 Nishita Shinde Angad kapoor Aarav Modgi
Grade2 Maria Kagzi Rucha Rane Heramb Kulkarni
Grade3 Arin Bagul Sohan Rane Siya Apte
Grade4 Adhiraj Kulkarni Harshika Kodira Anvay Sawant
Grade5 Sarthak Yadav Ojas Parab Omkishan Rathod
Grade6 Vaishnav Salvi Arjun Nair
Om Mishra
Varad Pashte
Grade7 Arjun Kapoor Aakansha Sharma Aamina Kagzi

Monday, November 28, 2016

Animal fun day -Nursery-23/11/16

Teacher showed real live turtle to all the children and as an activity children were asked to identify the young ones of animal and then they pasted the stick puppet to the animals they belong to. The activity was full of fun and the children enjoyed it.

Jr. Kg- Show and Tell - Story with 2-3 letter words - 18-11-16

The topic given for show and Tell was story with two and three letter words. This activity helped to motivate children for reading new words and inculcate a habit of reading story books.

Jr.Kg - Fancy Dress Competition - Nursery Rhymes character- 21-11-16

Preparation had fancy dress competition on nursery rhyme character,  All the students seemed extremely delighted with their outfits. Children were very enthusiastic and performed very well.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pre-Primary-Childrens Day - 11/11/16

Children's day is one of the best day for many children. 
Pre-primary had come dressed in colorful attire to school to celebrate this day. They had fun dancing together and enjoyed their day. 

gether and enjoyed their day.