Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mastermind geography Olympiad 2016-17 exam

We are privileged to announce that all the students who participated for Mastermind geography Olympiad 2016-17 exam have excelled to the state championship level. Our heartfelt compliments to all our students for their wonderful performance.
Grade          Name of the child
3                   Kshitij Shenoy      A- Qualified for the next level
4                   Adiraj Kulkurni     1st Rank in school - Qualified for the next level
4                   Adiba Shaikh        A- Qualified for the next level

5                   Mihir Deshmukh  A- Qualified for the next level

Sr. Kg - Dramatization - 3 little Pigs - 12-10-2016

Teacher did the puppet show of 3 little pigs  This is a tale about three pigs who build their homes in different ways. The eldest pig acts with wisdom and works hard so that his house will be safe from the Wicked Wolf. Kids understood the importance of hard work done by pigs in different ways and helping each other. 
Kids enjoyed the puppet show done by teachers.


Pre -Primary- Dress up day- Navratri celebration- 7-10-16

All the kids were dressed up in nice colorful dresses. Girls were wearing nice ghagra cholis and boys in
 kurta / kathiyawadi dresses.All the kids enjoyed playing dandiya and garba with their friends 


Nursery - Green Day Celebration - 04/10/16 to 07/10/16

Green is the colour of nature. Children enjoyed the day by doing fun activities related to this colour.Children were asked to dress up in green colour outfit. They did one fold craft activity like frog , trees and so on .They brought food, toys and identified green colour objects. They enjoyed the activity and with immense enthusiasm , they were excited to carry the green colour tortoise as a take away.                

Jr. Kg - Green day - 4.10.2016

Children of Preparation dressed in green colour attire to school through which introduction of colour green was done. Teacher showed them different object of green and also spoke about "Clean India Green India". They enjoyed dressing for green day.

Jr. Kg - Show and Tell - My favourite Healthy Food - 30-9-2016

Children of Jr. Kg spoke about their healthy food like - Dal & Roti, Parathas , Spinach, vegetables and fruits. Kids brought some pictures or real object to show their friends. Kids also brought the healthy food in their tiffins. It has been a healthy day for all kids and they enjoyed their day. 


Nursery - Show and Tell: Opposites- 14/10/2016

Show and Tell is an important part of your's child learning development, as it helps them to organise information and builds their confidence. Teaching opposites is an ideal way to help improve your child's ability to communicate.Teacher instructed the students  to bring a picture or objects of opposites and speak few lines on it. It was a fun way to teach children and they enjoyed it.