Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Grade-3 Show and tell activities

Grade-3 Living and Non living things 5/7/16
The students were given topics like movement of snakes,any one plant which eats insects,movement of amoeba,growth in aquatic plants,why do sunflower always face the sun?.They came prepared with pictures  and explained the concepts well.

Grade-3,Show and tell activity,19/7/16

The students were given topics related to the chapter Solar system,Moon and Stars.Topics were Can we live on Mercury?MOM,Dwarf planet Pluto,Orion Constellation and what is sun made up of? The students showcased their speaking skill talents with model and pictures.The session was very informative.

Grade-4,Show and tell activity,18/7/16

The students were given topics related to Adaptation in animals.The topics were protection mechanism in squids,protection mechanism in porcupine,camouflage in chameleon,defence mechanism in puffer fish and different parts of an Insect .The children gave informative insight on these topics n presented well

Grade-4,Show and tell activity,30/6/16

The students were given topics related the chapter Our Universe.The topics were Dwarf Planet,Is there life on Mars,Black hole and solar eclipse.Children had gathered relevant information  and spoke well about it,giving an in depth knowledge to us

Sr. Kg. Activity Parts of Plant

Sr.Kg. children were taken to garden and showed them plant and its parts, explained their function and uses. Children enjoyed this activity.

Jr. Kg - Group Activity - Water cycle - 29 /8 /2016

Students of Preparation grade did a group activity on water cycle.3 groups were given different materials and a chart to do the activity. Teacher explained kids how the process of water cycle works through story, chart work, video and song.

Jr. Kg - Recitation - Animal Kingdom - 22 -8 – 2016

Kids recited the song on Animal Kingdom . Children were very excited to do mimicry of animals, sounds with loud voice and action. Kids enjoyed a lot. 

Lotus making activity for Sr.Kg

Origami Lotus making activity done in Children learned how make to lotus from paper . They enjoyed the activity.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Pre-Primary - Creative cooking - Ladoo Making - 26 -8 - 2016

Students learn tit make ladoos in their creative cooking class.They enjoyed making the laddos,decorating it and relishing them.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sr. Kg - Dance Competition- Folk dance - 22 -8 - 2016

Childen danced on traditional folk dance. They were dressed up according to their tradition and were very excited to show their friends their dance and talk about their traditional dance.

Pre-Primary - Janmashtami celebration - 24 August, 2016

Teacher told the story of Krishnas birth and  spoke about the importance of this festival, Teacher also explained the kids why we break the pot on Krishna's birthday. Kids enjoyed breaking the pot and dancing on Janmashtami songs.

Pre-Primary - Discovery Day - 23-08-2016

Teachers told the kids about microscope and showed them how and why it is use with the help of fungus. They explained them how the fungus is form and how the micro-organisms of fungus can be seen through microscope which are not visible with our naked eyes. Kids enjoyed knowing about something new. 

Pri- Primary Dramatization - Importance of Festival - 22nd August, 2016.

Dramatization - Importance of Festival - 22nd August, 2016.

Children of primary class had a dramatization where teacher explained the importance of different festivals like Ganesh Chaturati, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtmi , Eid and children enjoyed participating in it. 

Math Competition on 22 August 16 Winners

Math Competition on 22 August 16 Winners
Grades 1st place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Grade 1 Ayushi Agarwal Juzar Hussain Tvisha Baxi
Grade2 Maria Kagzi Ishika Manish Heramb Kulkarni
Grade3 Avaneesh Agarwal Shreyaan Parab Arin Bagul
Grade4 Gargi Shanbhag Adiba Shaikh Aarya Wagh
Garde5 Mihir Deshmukh Ojas Parab Sarthak Yadav
Garde6 Vaishnav Salvi Aryaswa Bhonsle OmMishra
Garde Amina Kagzi Harshvardan Tiwari Arjun Kapoor

Grade 4 - DIY- Crochet 23/8

Grade 4 - DIY- Crochet 23/8
Kids learnt Crochet; thanks to the talented mommies who helped the kids start with basic looping n using the needle.
Kids had Fun with Crochet