Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grade -4 Adaptation in animals 14.07.16

Grade-4 Dissection of fish

 A fish was dissected to show adaptation features in aquatic animals.The students were shown gills,scales and vertebral column.A fish scale was seen through a microscope to study its features.The students enjoyed studying with real specimens

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Grade 6 Chemistry- Soil erosion and conservation of soil Activity 23/7/16

Students were given some soil and were asked to make a hill. They were given 100 ml of water and asked to pour it as rain over the hills made by them. Then the students observe the amount of water collected and measured water and the amount of soil. Students then discussed what can they do to reduce the loss of soil and to retain more water what changes can be made. Students discussed the advantage of the model made by them and where they find bunding or terrace farming in India and advantages of it..Students enjoyed this activity.

Monday, July 25, 2016

DIY -Grade 3 - Box making on 22-7-2016

In the DIY class ,students enjoyed making a simple box ,which can be used for storing

Grade 5 Science activity

Grade:  5
Topic : Science Activity
Date  : 21/7/16
Topic : To study how plants reproduce from stems.

          To study this method of reproduction two potatoes were wrapped in moisten cotton and were kept in a warm place for few days.After few days green buds appeared on the potatoes. Then the students sowed these potatoes in soil and understood how plants reproduce from stem

Sunday, July 24, 2016

germination1 on 22/07/16

Grade  5
Topic : Science Activity
Date  : 19/7/16
Topic : To study the conditions necessary for germination.
          To study the conditions necessary for germination ,few seeds of kidney beans were kept in four dishes.All the dishes were kept for 2 to 4 days under different conditions. After 4 days germination was seen only in one dish. Students understood the concept of germination.

Nursery - Show and Tell: Parts of Body - 22/07/16

Show and Tell helps students  to organise information and builds their confidence.Teacher instructed the students  to bring a picture: Parts of Body like EARS, NOSE, EYES and speak few lines on it.Children were excited to speak about it.                                                                                                               

Grade-3 Show and tell activities

Grade-3 Living and Non living things 5/7/16
The students were given topics like movement of snakes,any one plant which eats insects,movement of amoeba,growth in aquatic plants,why do sunflower always face the sun?.They came prepared with pictures  and explained the concepts well.

Grade -3 Science Activities 21/7/16

Grade-3 Phases of Moon 21/7/16

    The students were distributed Oreo Biscuits and Chart paper .After learning the concepts well it was time for using it in a creative way.They enjoyed learning different phases of moon and had fun eating it too.

fungus1 On 22-07-16

Topic - To observe how spores in fungus help to reproduce.

           Students observed the fungus grown on the bread slice [kept in science lab for 3 days] and with the help of microscope the could see the  fungus.  Trillions of spores were seen through the microscope.Thus they concluded that spores functions like seeds and grow into new plant.    

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Students  did the show and tell activity. They all actively  participated in it . Good charts and innovative models were prepared by them. All of them showed good presentation skills and gathered good information about their respective topics

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Grade 2 - English - Word Relay Game 20 July 16

Kids were made to play "Word Relay Game" where kids were made to stand in a circle, Every one says a word starting with the letter which is the last letter of the word said by the earlier kid.Kids had a fun time and the excitement can be seen in the pictures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Results of the finals of SOF National Olympiad

students who were selected for the final round of olympiads.

Adhiraj Kulkarni of class 3 secured Second International rank (silver medal) in the finals of 6th SOF INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH OLYMPIAD 2015-16.

Adhiraj Kulkarni of class 3 was certified for outstanding performance in the finals of 18th SOF NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD 2015-16.

Mihir Deshmukh of class 4 was certified for outstanding performance in the finals of 15th SOF NATIONAL CYBER OLYMPIAD 2015-16.

Mihir Deshmukh of class 4 was certified for outstanding performance in the finals of 9th SOF INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD 2015-16.

Varad Pashte of class 5 was certified for outstanding performance in the finals of  18th SOF NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD 2015-16.

Grade 4 - DIY - Yarn Holder on 19 July 16

Kids learnt to make a yarn holder.
Take a yarn (any color) and dip it in a glue (fevicol) mixed with water. Blow a balloon n cover it up with the yarn slowly and steadily in a way the balloon does not burst and it gets covered well leaving place at the beginning.

It was fun. New and different.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pre-school - Creative cooking- Nachos Mania – 15 July- 2016

Teachers decorated the Nachos chips topped with grated cheese, olives and oregano. It looked colorful and yummy. It was a fun way of learning something new and the children had a good time preparing and eating.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pri Primary - Field Trip- MC Donald - 13th July 2016

Teachers took the kids to the MC Donald to make them understand the surroundings and process of making and baking . Children enjoyed the moment and were very excited to go along with their friends

Pri- Primary- Dramatisation / Good Manners -Three Blind Men and The Elephant on 14 July 16

Teacher dramatized the story of three blind men and the elephant using good manners and golden words . Kids learnt that different people have different opinions and we should respect it . Children enjoyed and teachers interacted with them about what they learn for this story.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grade 4 - DIY - Handmade Personal Diary on 12 July 16

Kids learnt to make a personal diary from a simple chart paper strip n a decorative cover. Easy, quick and very much usable.

Kids are sure to try the same at home. Had fun...

Monday, July 11, 2016

Grade 5 V.ED Discipline

The students were divided into two groups .One group performed a skit on the importance of discipline in school while the other group performed a skit on the importance of discipline  at  home.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Grade 1 .math - Ordinals activity

Ordinals activity

Ordinals activity was conducted by matching ordinal numbers to ordinal in words.
Kids matched the flash cards of ordinal numbers to ordinals in words.
This way kids understood the position and order of numbers through flash cards.

ISHA Foundation conducted a yoga workshop on 9 July 2016

Volunteers from ISHA Foundation conducted a yoga workshop for parents and students.Simple yoga practices for good health,success,wee-being,peace ,joy,love and inner exploration