Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SR KG- Group Activity Sensory Organs,

kids brought different types of materials like satin ribbon, soft toy, cotton,wool, hand made paper etc. for the activity. Teacher made them touch and feel all the things and asked which sensory organ is used to identify the object and they helped to stick it on the chart


The children were asked to performance an act of their choice without saying any dialogues to the other students in the class and the other classmates had to guess the act performed. The students enjoyed all the acts which was performed by everyone in the class. They had experienced a very different game. 

Yoga workshop by ISHA foundation

Yoga workshop was conducted for students of grade 1-grade 7 by volunteers of Isha foundation.

Dramatics Workshop

Dramatics Workshop was conducted by Ms. Disha Upadhyay,a well know television artist having an experience of 15years in the field of drama .She has played a lead role in the serial Neeli Chatri Wale.
She used different methods and drama games to explain the kids important aspects of drama. Children were very excited and had loads of fun


Hindi Workshop for grade 1, 2 and 3 25.06.16

Hindi workshop was conducted to explain pronunciation of letters and sounds. Parents came up with question and answers related to the same. They also solved the worksheet as a practice session.


Pre-primary - Discovery Day - 28/6/2016

Teachers brought snail, earthworm and Mimosa Plant (Touch me not plant) and showed it to the kids. The teacher showed kids, explained them and also made them touch the snail and the Mimosa plant and saw the changes in them. Teacher also showed them how the water comes up in the form of story of a Thirsty crow. Kids enjoyed their day .


An activity on adjectives was conducted with the students of grade 4. The students were explained about the Adjectives of Comparisons and on basis of the same they were asked to solve a worksheet as an activity. The students were divided into two groups, where each one in the group discussed about the worksheet and solved it. The students enjoyed the activity and completed it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Naming word – Nouns- Grade 1

Children were asked to bring pictures of naming words of person, place, animal, things.Kids were told to stick the pictures on the chart paper under the respective subject of person ,place,animal and things.Children enjoyed the activity.



An activity on adjectives was conducted with the students of grade 5. The students were asked to form a group of 3 and were told to draw an animal of their choice and then told to describe animal with help of the describing words (ADJECTIVES) and also to underline them. The students enjoyed the activity and completed it.

Robotics in grades 5,6,7

The children were very excited about it, since it was a new subject, introduced this year itself.
Students were introduced with the parts and they made simple models.

Nursery- Group Activity – Finger Printing – 24-6-2016

Teacher helped the kids to do thumb painting on a chart paper and made a fish tank on it. Children enjoyed using different watercolors and made a fish with their thumb and fingers painting on the chart. Kids had lot of fun with their classmates during this activity.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Grade 6 Chemistry- Application of Chemistry 23/6/16

Different applications of chemistry in everyday life was discussed by group activity where students in each group presented two applications in class with the help of articles, charts or pictures. Students brought ingredient labels of food packets and compared the ingredients. They learnt about different packaging material used for packing. They also shared their observation and opinion about the product. Students enjoyed this activity.

Grade 2 - SST - Treasure Hunt 23-6

As kids are learning about maps and directions, kids played a treasure hunt game,wherein kids were provided with the class map and clues.Kids followed the clues using the class map n NSEW directions to finally reach the treasure. Class was filled with excitement n fun.

Sr. Kg- Show and Tell – Holidays Diary – 24-6-2016 kids have prepared a collage of the pictures of summer vacation. They spoke about where did they go with their parents during the summer vacation and how did they enjoyed. Kids were very happy to tell their friends about their vacation. 

Jr. Kg- Show and Tell – How to keep myself clean – 24-6-2016

 Jr. Kg  kids brought different objects like brush, toothpaste, sanitizer, comb, nail cutter etc. and also collage of images of keeping themselves clean and tidy. Kids spoke about why and how they can keep themselves clean. Kids enjoyed learning the importance of keeping themselves clean and healthy.

Pre-primary – Jolly Phonics workshop – 25-6-2016

Teachers conducted a workshop on Jolly phonics. They introduced the sounds, letter formation etc

Grade 5,6,7 CS Topic:- Dead Sea 20-06-2016

The students of grade 5,6,7 were told to bring the information about the Dead Sea prior to the session.
The students were divided into groups and were asked to discuss regarding the information they  had collected .After the discussion two students from each group came and shared the information they had collected. After the discussion the students were shown a video on the Dead Sea. They enjoyed watching the video as it was informative and it also added more to their knowledge