Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Grade 4-Life cycle of Butterfly-28th Oct 2015

The students were shown various pictures of the life cycle of butterfly and they had to arrange them in correct sequence forming a cycle. The students learned about various stages and also learnt about metamorphosis and molting. The students made a beautiful chart.

Grade 4-Life cycle of Hen-20th Oct 2015

The students prepared a chart showing the life cycle of Hen. The students were given pictures and description of various stages in random order and they had to assemble them in correct sequence making a cycle. The students learned about the various stages of life cycle of hen.

Grade 4-Structure of an Egg-28th October 2015

As a part of study of life cycle of hen it is also important to learn about the different parts of the egg. The students were shown an egg and later the same was broken and the students could easily identify the different parts like Albumen (egg white), Yolk, Chalaz

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sr. Kg – Show and Tell - Musical Instruments 23-10-15

Kids brought their favourite musical instruments to school and gave information about the instrument and the  famous personality playing the instrument. Kids enjoyed singing and playing the instruments like- Guitar, Casio and  Flute . Some children got  pictures of Tabla, Xylophone and Drum.  They had a fun time sharing their knowledge with their friends.

Grade 1-6 Debate on Burning crackers during Diwali -For v/s Against - 23rd Oct 2015

With the festival of lights just around the corner a small debate was conducted during this week's CS period. The students were divided into 2 groups;  1st group 'For' led by Varad from grade 5 & 2nd group 'Against' led by Harshavardhan of grade 6.
It was very interesting to see the students coming up with important points like crackers are the reason for various types of pollution, crackers industries provide employment to rural India and helps in their upliftment etc.
The students promised to burst less crackers and care for the environment.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Rangtali Celebration 2015

On the special occasion of Navratri, the school celebrated RANGTALI. The colourful evening started with a Garba pot decoration and Thali decoration competition which was held for parents. Parents participated with great zeal  and creativity. After the competition, our principal Ma'am lite up the lamp and the students of primary section recited a shlok. After that, we began with our Garba night wherein a DJ played all the garba music. Children,their family members and friends danced in high spirits. Everyone had come in traditional attires. There were various food counters put up by parents also with that there was a kurti and a jewellery stall. We also had many on the spot prizes and other prizes in different categories (Best costume & dance)  which increased the excitement. In the end, the lovely event concluded with a prize distribution and vote of thanks by our principal Ma'am. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Inter school chess competition 2015

On dated 17 October 2015 Saturday the inter-school competition was held at Universal school, Thane by District Chess Association. 29 schools from Thane district participated in the competition among them 9 students were from RCIS, Thane. There were eight rounds of chess each student had to qualify at least seven of them to come to 1st position. 
RCIS Kids played well under the age group-10  Atharav Jade, Sarthak Yadav , Mihir Deshmukh, Avni Bommakanti  ,Adhiraj Kulkarni,  Vaishnav Salvi and under age group-12 Harshvardhan Tiwari and Aryaswa Bhonsle . It was a good experience for RCIS students for competing at district level. All received participation certificates

No Bags Day-15th Oct 2015

"Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action."- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

On the occasion of birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the school celebrated 'No Bags Day'. The students attended regular school however without a school bag. All the classes were combined and students were shown motivational videos of Dr. Kalam. Later few students had prepared  for 'Show & Tell'  and spoke about Kalam Sir. After the activity the students were escorted by teachers to Leon's World (Activity Centre, Rustomjee Athena). Leon's World has many different activity rooms, we started off with the Leons World of Words. There Ms Isha spoke about the importance of reading habits and students were given books to read. The students read different science, historic and story books. The students also visited Early learning room, Creativity room, Music room, Science and Maths room and Leons world of nature. The students performed various activities in different rooms and learned new things. The students were given sweets while leaving and they left the premises with beautiful memories.

Geography Student League Challenge

The students of Rustomjee Cambridge International School Thane performed exceedingly well in the Geography Student League Challenge organised by Masterminds.Three students even got selected for the State Level Challenge.The results are as follows:-

Sr No.

Name of student



Adiba Shaikh


Gargi Shanbhag


Adhiraj Kulkarni


Anshul Dhavle


Mihir Deshmukh


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jr. Kg. & Sr Kg. – Dancing competition -12-10-2015

Children were dressed up as per their songs that they were going to perform for the dance competition. The students gave energetic performances. All the kids enjoyed watching the performances.

Jr.Kg./ compeition-12/10/15

Children were dressed up as per their songs that they were going to perform for the dance competition. The students gave energetic performances. All the kids enjoyed watching the performances.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Nursery-Green colour week-5th -9th Oct

Nursery-Green colour week-5th -9th Oct
Day1- Children were dressed in green colour clothes.They sang a rhyme on the colour green.
Day2-Children brought green coloured toy to school and they all shared their toy and played together .
Day3- Children brought green coloured food item in their tiffin box and spoke about what they got in their tiffin.
Day4- Children coloured traingle shape with green colour .

Day5- A green fish cut out take away was given to all the children. 

Nursery-Show and tell-Things that go in pair-9th Oct

Nursery-Show and tell-Things that go in pair-9th Oct

Kids got cut out of things that go in pair and they spoke about which object is related to which one like Tv and remote, shoes and socks etc.

Children were dressed in Green Colour clothes. For this day there was a Jungle theme prepared where kids were taken. Teacher showed them the greenery and many other green objects. They had a good time viewing the Jungle theme. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nursery- Show and Tell-30-09-15

Kids got different object of yellow colour and spoke about it. They had fun seeing different objects of the same colour. 

Nursery, painting acivity-30-09-15

All the kids did the activity of leaf tracing on the paper. After the kids were very excited to see and made a bug from a dried leaf and painted on it. Kids enjoyed the leaf tracing and leaf painting activity.

Nursery,, up day-Rock Star-27-09-15

All the  pre-primary kids were dressed up like rock stars . All the children brought different instruments to play. Children  enjoyed dancing and singing with their friends