Friday, July 31, 2015

Grade 4 - Topic: Concepts of ‘Heat’

3 activities were conducted to explain the concepts of ‘Heat’.

Sr. No.
Activity Name
Solute & Solvent
From the given solution, mention the solute and the solvent
Brewing Tea
How Tea leaves change color with different temperatures of water
Investigation Based activity
Which mug would remain hot for a longer duration of time?

The students could easily identify the solute and solvent and learnt the concepts behind it. They also learnt that tea dissolves in hot water faster than in cold water. And they learnt about insulators and conductors with the help of 3rd experiment. The students enjoyed performing the experiments.

Grade 3 - Science: Particles of Soil

Soil consists of different layers. This was explained to the students with the help of a jar which was partially filled with soil and water. This was kept undisturbed for some time. The different layers of soil i.e. humus, clay, sand and pebbles were explained to the children.
This helped them to understand the importance of each layer

Grade 3 - Science: Show And Tell Activity-Living and Non-Living Things

Students gave a brief description about their topic based on Living and Non-Living Things
 Mahi Dargad
Movement of snakes
Aarya Wagh
Anyone plant which can eat insects
Atharv Jade
Movement of an amoeba
Jonathan Sarkar
Growth in aquatic plants

This activity enhances their speaking skills and builds up their confidence

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sr.Kg.-Topic: Introduction to Family members

Children came dressed as one of their family members and spoke about the same. Children were dressed up like a parent. They enjoyed playing the role of mother and father. Girls were dressed as their mother and boys as their father. Children enjoyed very much. Teacher taught them the responsibility of mother and father handling daily routine. Teachers explained, as kids their roles is to help their parents in their daily work.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grade 2 activity – Science - Solar System

Lesson - Earth, Moon and stars

Students were given a chart for solar system with a picture of sun attached to it. They were provided with cutouts of planets which were to be arranged in the chart in a sequence. Children enjoyed this activity and had a better understanding of solar system.

Grade 2 activity – Science - Phases of moon

Lesson - Earth, Moon and stars

Diagrams of Phases of Moon were given to the students. Students coloured the different phases of moon. With this activity they had a better understanding of phases of moon depending on its position in relation to sun and earth.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Grade 2 - Adjective Popcorn

The popcorn activity is mainly to reinforce the concept of describing nouns. Children were given 15 popcorn cutouts of nouns and 15 popcorn cutouts of adjectives. The child with noun cutout came forward and read out the word and the child with adjective matching came forward and read the words together. Then the noun and adjective matching   together were stuck on the chart paper. In this way the activity was conducted and they learnt to describe nouns.

Monday, July 27, 2015

On 25th July - Inhouse field trip for pre school students

1. Healthy Vegetable Market :- 
The concept of eating healthy food was introduced to the children.
The concept was explained with the help of a train. Each compartment was decorated as a particular vegetable or fruit. The importance and benefits of these fruits and vegetables were explained to the children.
The teacher made the children understand the concept of buying and weighing vegetables and fruits in the market.
The children enjoyed themselves and were motivated to eat healthy food.

2.Sweet Treat Bakery :- 
Children were explained   the process to bake a healthy cake made with rava, sugar, milk butter, coconut and milk maid. The baker displayed how to mix the batter shared various techniques of baking. Students enjoyed the whole session and learnt art of baking with great enthusiasm.

4.Puppet show :-
Puppet show was conducted on the theme “Be Neat, Clean and Tidy”. It was a story about a mother and her two kids teaching them about good habits.
The Children learnt good habits about keeping themselves neat, clean and tidy.  For every scene throughout the puppet show various rhymes were sung like “Early Morning and Night” , “Bits of Paper”, “Brush, Brush, Brush my teeth” ..etc. The children enjoyed the puppet show. They also sang rhymes along with the teachers. Later chlidren were sent for a “Health Checkup”.

A teacher was dressed up as a Doctor who measured their height, weight and checked their nails, teeth, clothes etc. A health card was given to each child with all details mentioned on it.  

It was a magnificent day as the children and parents were present with full attendance. The children got a brief idea about the vegetable market. 

On 25th July – Hindi Workshop for parents of grades 1,2 and 3

Hindi workshop was conducted for primary section parents.

Following topics were discussed during the session.
Pronunciation of letters (Swar&Vyanjan) (vowels & consonants)
Use and  formation of letters

The session was very interactive as parents cleared most of their doubts. Parents got the feeling of   “BACK TO SCHOOL” as they also had to solve a worksheet based on what was taught. Parents found the session very helpful and are looking forward for more such workshops. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Nursery- – dramatization –“Good Manners and Making Friends”

Dramatization plays an important role in sensitizing children of younger age. Preschool teachers performed a drama on good manners and making friends. Using magic words like 'Thank you', 'Sorry' and ‘Please’  teacher reinforced the value of good manners. Students also learnt the importance of loving, sharing and caring. Children were very excited to see their teachers doing dramatization. They were laughing and enjoying.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Nursery,, – Activity - Creative cooking, Cheesling bhel

All the   preprimary children got together in the play area and made a circle and sat on the mat. Teacher showed them the ingredients which were to be added in the bhel like sev, cheesling, tomato and coriander. Teacher passed the cheesling around and the kids tasted it. Teacher mixed all the ingredients and showed it to the children how to mix it.  Kids were enjoying the activity and discussing about the taste.


Nursery, Jr. Kg, – Jolly Phonics Workshop

Jolly Phonics workshop was conducted for preschool parents. They learnt sound, actions and one liner. Parents were introduced with the 5 important skill of Jolly phonics:-

      1. Learning of Letter sound.
      2.Learning of letter formation.
      4.Identifying sound in words.
      5.Tricky words

Friday, July 17, 2015

Nursery –Water play-Pick red object

Teacher  took a bucket full of water and put different colour objects in water like blocks, beads, and balls. Then she asked the kids to pick only red colour object. This helps the children to differentiate and recognize the colour red.

Learning prepositions in an interesting way, Rustomjee Cambridge, Thane

Have you ever imagined learning grammar can be so much fun?  Students learnt prepositions in an innovative way. The teacher narrated a short story on ‘Snake Haired Medusa’ describing her behavior and features about various characters using various prepositions. Students recreated the image of Medusa with their own imagination and creativity.  This activity reinforces the use of prepositions, develops their listening skills and their imagination.

Field Trip(Grade 1 to 5):-Visit to Nursery and Bakery

Students visited a nearby nursery wherein they got information about different types of plants. They were explained the medicinal value of Adulsa, Shendri, Eucalyptus, Brahmi etc. It was amazing to see the curiosity of the kids by asking various questions.

Students also visited a bakery and they saw various stages of production of breads, cakes, biscuits etc. They understood the process of baking and the modern machine used for storage. At the end students departed with sweet memories and a take away of a tulsi plant.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Nursery-Concept-T sensory

Teacher made a cut out of ‘T’ on a chart paper and then children tore bits of paper and stuck on the letter T. This helps the children to develop their fine motor skills and sensation of feel and touch.

Nursery-Concept-Red colour week

Day1- Children were dressed in red colour clothes. We sang a rhyme on the colour Red. We took a bucket of water and mixed red colour in it.
Day2-Children brought red coloured toys to school and they played with it.
Day3- Children brought red coloured food item in their tiffin box and spoke about what they got in their tiffin.
Day4- Sponge dabbing was done on an apple cut out, it was a Group activity, the kids actively participated in it.

Day5- Children were given a Circle cut out covered with red coloured transparent paper as taken away.