Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Grade 4-DNT Balloon car

In this session students made a balloon car with the help of a plastic bottle,straws,a balloon and cutter to cut the bottle. After cutting the bottle at both ends the straws were fitted in that and a balloon was pasted in one of the side. And when the balloon was blown and placed on the ground it moved forward which explained the air pressure which moved the bottle car.


Grade 4-DNT Hydraulic Jack

In this experiment children made a hydraulic jack with the help of ice cream stick, syringe, flexi tube, card board provided by the teacher. Through this experiment they demonstrated the concept of mechanical advantage where small forces applied for a large time or distance can be used to lift very heavy weight for small distance.

DNT Grade 5 swimmer (4 Aug 17)

Grade 5 students assembled 4 swimmers. They learned that same structure can look different from two different sides.

Grade 2- Clean hair -4 Aug 2017

Children learnt how to clean a comb and thus maintaining a clean healthy hair .Such small activities help in their grooming and becoming independent.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Nursery - Rakhi making- 4 Aug 2017

Children enjoyed sticking colourful pieces of paper one above the other and with the help of the teacher making a simple Rakhi . 

The children learnt about the  festival of Rakhsha Bandhan and were excited to take their self-made Rakhi home.

DNT Grade 5 Goalkeeper (27 July 17)

Grade 5 students assembled 4 Goalkeeper. They learned to make simple human body structure.

Grade 3 DNT- wind power 26th July 2017

Students made windmills and saw how it rotates when air is blown.  They learnt about the use of windmill and also the transfer and change in the form of energy.